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Receive orders easy and convenient deshego using our free mobile app.

For drivers


Downloadable app!

To download the application for Shark Taxi drivers, go to the above link (or go to Play Market and type in search boxShark Taxi Driver”, go to the app page and click the “Install”button).

To update just go to the app page in Play Market and click Update.

Note: for security purposes, it is not recommended to download app from third-party resources. In this case the company is not responsible for the stability of the program, as well as the security of your personal account in the system.

Familiarity with the application!

After installing and starting the application on Your smartphone screen a window will appear with the following items:

Demo: in this section you can find a brief description of the features of the application. If this is the first time you work with Shark Taxi Driver, we strongly recommend that you read this section.

To enter: if you are already logged in, this button is used to enter and start working.

Registration: you can begin fulfilling orders, you must register this section of the application.

Using the red button “Support” at the bottom of the screen in case of need You can contact the support Department by message or call.



Registration in the app!

After clicking “Register” You will need to follow four simple steps:

At this stage you need to enter personal information, Your photograph, date of birth, full name and city of residence.
On the next screen you need to enter information about Your car, add a photo, select from the list the brand and model, enter the year and state number.
The screen to enter the additional services that you can attend to customers. The more additional services you select, the more orders you can take.
Here you need to enter the contact's mobile phone number and click a button to receive SMS activation code.
After receiving it, enter it in the appropriate box and click “Register”.
The registration process is completed. Congratulations!

Registration complete!

After registration and submission of the application for new orders, it takes some time to process your application.
All applications drivers processed by the moderators manually.
If everything is completed correctly and issues occur to You, usually within 2 hours You will receive a message confirming your registration. Now you can press the button “Log in” and proceed to the execution of orders.
If you have any questions, you will contact the operator and specify all the necessary information.

The moderation service works round the clock. The maximum term of consideration of the application is 24 hours from the moment of its application.


The entrance to the Shark Taxi application

To get started, you need to enter the phone number you provided during registration and press “Receive SMS code”. When you receive the code, enter it in the appropriate field, click “Log in” and start.
If you have installed Shark Taxi Driver on another smartphone or have edited the data about the car or additional services, log on to the workspace will have to go again.

Attention! Work under one account on multiple devices at the same time is impossible!

The main screen of the app!

After entering the Shark Taxi application Driver, you will see the main screen.Displays the currently available orders.

The interface of the main screen contains the following elements:

  • The button “Free” indicates that it is ready to accept new orders. When you press the button, the label changes to “Busy”, and reports of new orders to come will cease.
  • Free: Just 6: 41: information about orders in the city. The first number means the number of free at the moment, the second - displays the total number performed in the city of orders.
  • The icon of the driver with the next figure 164: show that currently in city 164 driver.
  • The three dots in the upper-right corner: button to call the pop-up menu that employee to jump to other sections of the application. Also You can visit other sections using swipe the screen with your finger from right to left.
  • The orders in the list are displayed in order of distance from you: the top middle, and the farthest at the bottom of the list.

Example: Information relative to the top of the order includes:

  • The auto feeding point (point a) and destination (point b);
  • The distance from You to the client (2.0 km);
  • The time that you need to file a car (08:24);
  • The length of the route from the feed point to a destination point (7.7 km);
  • Order value (UAH 62).

When you click on order for more details.

Detailed ordering information

When you click to order, You will receive detailed information:

#193260: the order number in the system;
Icon headphones: order accepted Manager. Also customer can order a taxi using a smartphone on iOs or Android (will be displayed with corresponding icon) or through the website (the computer icon).
For each of the species is available its rate. Learn more in the section “Tariffs”.
Click “Accept order”: to take the order and proceed to its implementation;
Navigator: automatically routes You to the start or end point (for work functions need to install Yandex.Navigator);
Show route: take into account Your current location and shows the route from You to the client and then from the landing point to the destination;

Received: what time did you take the order;
On location: what time did you inform the customer of the arrival or at what time triggered automatic notification of the client system;
Phoned when we notified the client about what You already in place;
Met: when the client sat in Your car (when meeting the client you must confirm the landing by clicking the “Met”);
Further information on the client:

The name of the client;
Contact phone number;
How many orders the customer has already implemented in Shark Taxi;
Chosen car class.