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"The Adventures of Sharkey" - a bright, modern, fun, informative cartoon about a small car named Sharkey!


Radio Shark is an online radio station for which the only correct format is actual music and authoring programs.

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Open your business with Shark Taxi and start earning from $ 5,000 already after 6 months of work.

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Today Shark Taxi" is among the most open, comfortable and functional applications. Our secret is simple - first of all we think about our clients.

We save Your time.

Instead of listening to the voice of the operator and to try to define where the car drove up, You choose a suitable driver. By the way, he will find You, wherever You were. All developed technologies make the process of ordering a taxi fast, easy and pleasant.

We have made a living service to the living.

The human factor is not always negative component. Program and the machine just can fail, as the man who had a cold and could not go to work.

Therefore, we do not hide behind a pretty interface of our application and is always ready to listen to Your wishes. You can call the telephone number above or send an email. As soon as we get Your message and will prepare a response, You immediately get the right information.

By the way, have a look at our pages on social networks - every day we publish useful, positive and interesting information.

Taxi Shark - care about You, Your time and Your success!