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Flexible adjustment application

Flexible adjustment application

In the "perfect trip" concept we include such factors as rapid taxi, comfortable car, nice driver and arrive at their destination at the right time.

That's why, the application «Shark Taxi» has several criteria by which you reach the goal:

  1. Select the desired class of car. You can stay on the economy version, but today if you are waiting for an important meeting, surprise everyone arriving by car business class!
  2. Define the search radius to find the nearest driver. And remember that any of the taxi drivers ready to take your call.
  3. Set the time of filing (setting is 5 minutes).
  4. Today your day is painted by the minute and someone will wait for you in different parts of the city? With the application «Shark Taxi» - this is not a problem. Just specify several destinations and selected driver will take you to the specified location at the right time.

Then all that's left to do just one click on the screen of your gadget and taxi drivers who are in a given search radius will appear. Make a choice - and go on a trip in a convenient and fast car.

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