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Information about the driver before call of the car

Information about the driver before call of the car

Once you have decided on all the important criteria to only choose the driver. In the selected search radius may appear several cars - which one is right for you?

To answer this question, look for information about the driver, which appears on the screen immediately after the basic data about the trip.


Name and rating.

Application «Shark Taxi» show not only name of your driver, but also tell you how well he coped with previous orders. Note the number of stars - they made up of reviews and ratings of all customers who use the services of this driver.


Car class.

As you remember, we offer you the opportunity to drive around town in a taxi economy and business class cars. As before, the choice is only yours.


The cost of the trip.

The uniqueness of the application «Shark Taxi» consists in the possibility  at the first look on the screen of the gadget to know the cost of your order.

Don't forget, if for some reason you want to cancel the order, this can be done with one click on the appropriate button, which is located in the lower right corner of the application.

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