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You see how you car rides

You see how you car rides

Remember how you used to have to spend the time to explain to the operator (and then the driver), where you are and where you want to drive up?

And then suddenly turned out that it is you have to find a taxi, because the driver drove from the wrong side?

With the application «Shark Taxi» you can forget about these unpleasant situations. We know what is the correct service, care about your comfort and save your time.

The driver knows where you are. If you remember, your gadget itself exposes your location, and if this does not happen you can correct this situation by one touch of the screen.

Taxi will arrive quickly and precisely by address.

This feature allows the driver to see where you are, so you don't have to constantly respond to his questions about your location.

You get the car you wait.

Tell me, have you encountered a situation where the taxi did not meet your expectations? But if you use the application «Shark Taxi» this will never happen - you see the accurate and correct information about each driver and his car.

We take care of all the nuances of the trip - you can only enjoy the professional fulfillment of your order.

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