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How Vakarchuk helped taxi drivers to earn

How Vakarchuk helped taxi drivers to earn

The Elza's Ocean group managed to set at once some records:

  • the last performance became the longest solo concert – it lasted 3,5 hours;
  • the most large number of the audience came to it – 75 000 people (so many people didn't manage to be brought together even to Madonna who acted a few years ago at the same stadium);
  • the highest tariffs of a taxi are recorded

This day from NSK "Olympic" it was possible to leave only on a double tariff, and about the order of the car of the speech didn't go at all. Operators of one of the Kiev taxi pools told the Vesti edition that in the night of Saturday June 22 on revival on June 23 they accepted more than 700 orders though on weekdays in the same time no more than 50 calls arrive.

The main difference of "Shark Taxi" from the Ukrainian colleagues – always transparent tariffs which are ideally combined with constant availability of drivers. The firm application by means of which the order becomes helps to keep these promises. You choose the taxi which is near you, and you can estimate the cost of service which is specified together with a rating of this driver and detailed information on his car.

Therefore now you can always save time and money – open the application and make the order. "Shark Taxi" - with us is convenient!

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