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Taxi: to reach without adventures

Taxi: to reach without adventures 

On June 19 in Odessa began with registration at once two road accidents which quickly collected jams. Probably, you will tell that such happens, but let's look at these situations:

1.  The taxi driver managed to land the client directly on the carriageway and after that it tried to be reconstructed in the next row. In a hurry he didn't notice a foreign car which passed in the passing direction. As a result because of too sharp maneuver of a taxi and a carelessness of the driver both cars suffered.

2.  In the second road accident the taxi driver who tried to cross the intersection down the street Uspenskoy is also guilty.

Unfortunately, such cases meet rather often. But in "Shark Taxi" absolutely other statistics – we care of wellbeing of our clients and employees. Thanks to a detailed rating which is always available in the firm appendix, you can choose the best driver and with guarantee reach the destination without problems and delays.

Considering the strict rules "Shark Taxi" and open estimates of service, our employees seek to perform the work qualitatively.

We offer you threefold economy:

  • on time of the order of a taxi
  • on a car waiting time
  • and on trip cost

"Shark Taxi" - your safe and most favorable taxi.

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