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Features of a national taxi pool - with love from Paris

Features of a national taxi pool - with love from Paris

Statistically today in Paris nearly 15 000 taxi drivers work. But it doesn't mean that you will be able easily to stop any car which moves to you towards.

Let's get acquainted with some to features:

     1.  taxi in Paris don't paint in special colors – instead on a roof of the car white plastic boxes are established. If in a box this world burns, the taxi freely means;

     2.  the car can be stopped directly on the street, having raised a hand but if in a radius of 15 meters there is at least one taxi stand, the driver won't be able to stop – it has on it no right;

     3.  also by rules in one car there can be no more than three people;

     4.  by the way, if you travel with children, you remember that 2 children aged till 10 years are equated to one adult;

     5.  all passengers are in Paris only on back sitting – safety rules are that;

     6.  the trip from one end of the capital of France with another on the average will cost to you 10 euros;

     7.  the most pleasant for the client – payment for journey calculates taking into account data which the driver will take off from the counter installed in the car;

     8.  pay attention, in Paris some tariffs, depending on are applied in what zone you are and in what time of day – in the city, beyond its limits, in the suburbs, in the afternoon, during the lunchtime or in the evening.

Remember these simple rules, and let your travel will take place comfortably and interestingly!

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