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Taxi abroad - make a trip safe

Taxi abroad - make a trip safe

Ignorance of language and local customs can complicate your travel. Let's look at situations which often meet in stories of our compatriots:

  • on the street you can catch the car with the drunk driver
  • taxi calls suspicions in reliability
  • too fast or chaotic trip which often leads to road accident
  • extortion from the driver
  • robbery and drawing heavy injuries.

Agree, the similar picture reminds a trip on native streets of your city. As it appeared, abroad the same problems, as well as in our country. By the way, according to the well-known magazine "Forbes" it is worth calling carefully a taxi in such cities, as Jakarta, Bombay, Phnom Penh, Lagos, Athens, New York, Bangkok and Manila.

Therefore listen to councils of experts:

     1.  Try to study in advance features of the order of a taxi and the tariffs operating in the region.

     2.  Remember that in some countries it isn't accepted to stop the car directly in the middle of the street therefore previously write down some telephone numbers of local services.

     3.  Ask the personnel of hotel, restaurant or other institution to call for you a taxi.

     4.  Surely write down all addresses and the name of a purpose of visit in local language – it is desirable to show these data to the driver before the car started.

     5.  Take care of small change in local currency that you could without additional problems and difficulties to pay services of the taxi driver.

And the most important – try not to travel alone to late time of day.

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