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3 interesting facts about a taxi from all over the world

3 interesting facts about a taxi from all over the world

You consider, what the world of a taxi is boring and monotonous? Then get acquainted with 3 facts which raise a smile, delight and it is a little indignation.

1)  It is possible to tell that you will meet one of the most exotic types of a taxi in Vietnam – instead of a trip in the stuffy car you are waited by fascinating travel on an elephant.  And Chileans on the contrary paint the cars under a cow, by the way, instead of the bothered signal of a horn such car will low! 

2) You consider, what the trip across Moscow in 300-400 rubles is too expensive? Then next time remember two Finnish travelers who went to Spain through Scandinavia and came back home back. Certainly, the taxi driver was lucky – he received 15 000 dollars for this trip.

3) If you were stopped by the imposing Italian with moustaches and a beard, at first think before calling trip cost. Once the mayor of Prague decided to check as far as complaints of tourists concerning local taxi drivers correspond to reality. It changed clothes in the Italian, stopped the car and called the destination. In spite of the fact that the trip was rather short, the taxi driver was recruited impudence and called the price which by 5 times exceeded norm. As you understand after that he paid a serious penalty.

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