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«Shark Taxi» And why?

«Shark Taxi» And why?

Today in Ukraine there are hundreds of services that allow to book a taxi at any time of the day or night. Or almost any time - some still are some time constraints.

The main feature of service «Shark Taxi» lies in the way of service - via a mobile app.

1) You are spared from communicating with the manager who always speaks the correct information about the whereabouts of the taxi driver. As a result, for some reason you find yourself embroiled in internal company problems that will affect your mood and level of service.

Unlike other companies, «Shark Taxi» allows you to choose the right car and the driver, who is in a narrow radius search. Thus you will save time on call, dealing with service staff , and can go much faster to your desired destination .

2) In addition, you can choose the level of the machine and the cost of travel . Agree, this luxury recently provide unity.

3) Since we are talking about cost , you should note that the pricing is totally transparent . After selecting the car and specified the destination application will automatically calculate how much money is equivalent to fast and comfortable ride.

So why appeared «Shark Taxi»? The answer is simple - despite the competition , its creators believe that there are people who value their time and their money.

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