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Taxi or rent a car?

Taxi or rent a car?

When you are planning a trip or have already arrived in another city, there is always one burning question - comfortable, quick and inexpensive travel.

Therefore it is logical to consider two relevant options:

1) Car rental - the perfect solution for those who are used to personally sit behind the wheel. For a nominal daily fee, you get to choose the car in full disposal.

However, in this case it is necessary to determine the parking, which will affect your budget.

Choose this option only if you are sure that you will rarely leave the interior of the car, because the plan to be on the road for almost a day.

2) Taxi - suitable for those who are planning to explore the city, and the car is only needed to get from the airport, bus or train station to your hotel or apartment.

This option draws opportunity to book the car only when necessary - it's cheaper than renting a car for the day, and it is easier for your nerves, because in the case of a lease responsible for the vehicle and its safety still fall on you.

In any case, let your holiday or journey will be exactly as you planned!

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